Linen Closet Makeover

The Toronto Real Estate Market, as we all know, is very expensive.  Being handy definitely comes in “handy” as most people are likely buying something that needs work. Luckily for me, that’s my job (more on that later).

My first (how exciting!!) post is a small project to get my blog started, the linen closet.IMG_4421

The house is an original 1960’s back split and every room needs updating.  What was really fun was in the crawl space I found 5 different rolls of wallpaper from the 1980’s. The previous owners had left them behind with a bunch of other old stuff.  To stretch my creative muscles I decided that I would redo this closet with only material I had on hand, and would incorporate the wall paper I found. Luckily the 80’s design trends are back in style these days so I was excited to see what I could put together.


I made an instagram post to get other people’s thoughts, but I knew right away the one I was going to use.

First up is caulking, filling in any gaps to create a smooth and seamless look. Caulking really is the best thing for quick fixes and smoothing things out.


Next I used spackle to patch any holes in the wall, then some light sanding and priming. I happened to have some plain textured wallpaper that my aunt had given me so I used that to cover the old shelf lining and painted it white.


The final steps are applying the wallpaper to the backs of the wall, this will give the space depth and colour.  It was my first time applying wallpaper, I’m glad it was just a small amount. Not my favourite job!

Putting the final touches on is always my favourite part, but all the hard work makes the result that much more satisfying.


Voila! The closet will eventually get a bifold door, but for now, who needs to cover this up?

Thanks for reading